WonderMed WoundHub

how it works

Unpacking the woundhub

Woundhub is a truly portable, freestanding mobile workstation. Designed to be operated by a single practitioner during the wound care procedure, Woundhub uses a pressurised stream of filtered air and sterile liquid solutions administered through single-use disposable handpieces to holistically facilitate all aspects of burn and wound treatment.

Incorporating a medical air compressor, Woundhub can operate without the need for centralised compressed air making it ideal for use in all hospital and clinic facilities such as ER, burn units, and even theatre. Quiet and ergonomical, Woundhub’s compact footprint, low centre-of-gravity, and easy-roll castors, enable the unit to be easily accessible for patient care in any clinical environment.

  • Elevated access arm eliminates tubing ‘drape’ and gives clinicians easier mobility around patient wound areas
  • Backlit icon-driven operational guidance panel
  • Soft-touch actuating buttons (IP67 rated with LED colour coding)
  • Ergonomically designed to facilitate ease-of-use in terms of cleaning and operation
  • Ergonomic rear push/pull handle facilitates workstation mobility
  • Single-use woundtrim, woundtreat, and woundpulse hand pieces limit crosscontamination minimising patient infection risks.
  • Incorporating a self-contained low noise (52dB) medical air compressor, the woundhub workstation can be operated independently from centralised compressed air supplies
  • Low centre-of-gravity and wide wheel base ensures safety from toppling over during patient care procedures